Family Office

With a team composed of members from all corners of the world, we unite to provide elegant services for the household, and efficient management of a handful of family-owned businesses in four countries.

What we do

Family Service

We keenly uphold our standard of services for estate stewardship, benevolence, and familial necessities.

Business Management

We deftly oversee kin businesses, uniting communities with meticulous care.


We strategically and steadily invest our wealth and build our success inch by inch.

Our team



Oversees our online marketing and serves as secretary, ensuring the smooth running of our household’s agenda and event organization.



Serving as our amanuensis, Priyanka ensures meeting actions are recorded and administrative tasks are handled with follow-through.



Guides our technological growth, ensuring we stay up-to-date with advancements in a modest, practical manner.



As our Estate Manager, he maintains the standard of our Australian estate. He also ensures the training of our pure-bred horses meets our high standards.



Abigaíl attends the health and wellbeing of our family. Her proficiency subtly strengthens the physical exercise routines she assists.

Mr Anonymous


As our Cybersecurity Officer, Mr Anonymous is not a blackhat or whitehat, but wears the hat of our vigilant guardian. He expertly manages footprint monitoring, detect and remove threats, and ensures staff adherence to our security policies.

At our family office, we understand that efficiency is key to providing top-notch management to our companies. That’s why our team is constantly focused on refining our processes, staying up-to-date with the latest technology, and keeping our operations at the vanguard.

Topical mails

For effective communication, we utilize topic-specific email addresses. These can be assembled by combining the topic with our domain, forming addresses in this pattern: [topic]@weiwu.au


If you have inquiries about visitation plans or need assistance coordinating travel related to our household.


If you need to discuss household management matters, such as our selection of wines, art pieces, or catering for an event.


If you require to contact someone from our team regarding technological propositions or questions around our business.


If you wish to initiate detailed discussions concerning potential investments or our various business operations.

Contact us

We’ll be glad to receive and respond your message.

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